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Banked By Trust.
Cassbana is a technology solution that builds financial identities for the underserved communities in Egypt through managing financing requests and building a behavior-based scoring system; making us the future data-based financial advisory collective.

How Cassbana Works?

Looking at people to help people.

Why Cassbana

Solving Real Problems for Real People

Shadow Economy in Egypt is almost double the size of its formal economy. 

Lack of Financial Data

We creatively collect financial data to create financial identities for all. 

Eliminating Fraud but not dreams

Instead of refusing the unbanked for fear of fraud, we created new ways to detect and therefore, deter fraud. 

Actionable results

We have a much lower risk of default on loans because we look at people, not documents. 

The Power of Community

Communities in Emerging Countries are a force to be reckoned with, we use the sense of community to support communities. 

Supply Chain is the way.

This is our main funnel for complete data-science based financial profiling for the underserved.

Egypt’s 1st Community Backed Financing Request App

This user-friendly app allows borrowers to request, verify their identities and monitor the state of their financing requests seamlessly, while offering our machines real actionable data.

Zero Documents Required
Easy application method
Easy Financing Support/Short Fulfillment periods
Aggregated anonymized data

Tech-Enabled Shariah Compliant financing opportunities


Join the Family

We are a dynamic fun family with a passion for data-science, helping the unseen and unbanked as well as everything finance. If you feel you are fit for our unique team, check our vacancies and become a Cassbana Catalyst.
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